26 03 2010

Why don’t we just admit that the “first day of (season)” should be the first every third month?  Sure, it would be a bit less accurate, but how wonderfully symmetrical would it be if winter started on December 1st, autumn ended right after Thanksgiving, and summer actually went from June to August?  “Oh, but Mr. Robert, that’s not scientifically accurate.  The seasons are based upon the sun’s distance fro”—SPLORT

Yeah, that’s right.  I throw mushy banana bread at people who try to invoke “science” into any argument.  You just try to tell me that I haven’t just come up with the best idea ever.

No No NO!

29 09 2008

Don’t you get it, stupid sky? I want the overcast without the rain. Stop this stupid “95 today and wet tomorrow!” business before someone gets hurt. I have your children and I will send them to the coal mines if I don’t start seeing some 68 and foggy in the next 48 hours. This is not negotiable.