A note on the poetry

21 07 2008

Just to clear it up —

I don’t have a blog to display my best writing, my best thoughts, or my best work. In short, I don’t have this blog for anyone else to read; I have it for me. I enjoy spouting off about issues and inanity, but I couldn’t care less whether someone reads it or not. To put it bluntly, I think the only people I really “want” to read this blog are complete strangers. Somehow, the thought of someone blindly stumbling upon the muddled and confused writings you see here intrigues me. Analyze that if you will, but please, refrain from asking me “what does that poem mean?” While I am keenly aware of the distaste some people have for overly-ambiguous poetry, I think that a moderate amount of ambiguity is both a safeguard for the writer and a challenge to the reader.

(In other words, mind your own . business, and y’all come visit again real soon now, y’hear?)

One of the seven dwarves