On Baehner

13 05 2013

I don’t remember most of my dreams. I remembered this one from the moment I woke up as vividly (if not as achingly) as I do now.

Here are some dumb words about it that proved to be insufficient catharsis.

* * *

A dream caught my breath
Gave it back and then some
Her surreptitious understanding
Knocked me over then and there
Siphoned tears from dull pupils
Her name is unfamiliar to me in this context
Where she pulls my shame onto her shoulder
Knowing me and responding to every word I speak
What is it to be known and loved and loved and understood?
The barren among the betrothed are well-aware: this would be enough
Assurance brought from witnessing laughter and smile easily simultaneous
On her face , her eyes delighting in me for no good reason
She shushes and advances at my demons with sly and furious anger drawn
I wake in tears and laughter with her name upon my damp forehead
Pad downstairs to enjoy my cereal
Quivering with fear and timid joy
It’s all a bit much for Monday morning

Never Overnight

20 03 2013

When screaming wind was encouragement
To run even faster
My skin never cracked
Bones grew silent and strong
Rain at dawn was almost salacious
Sounding suggestions that the girl
In my dream could be right outside my window
Ready for a torrential stroll with a can of root beer

I used to love the cool Los Angeles winter
Impotent frigidity belying a seasonal ignorance
And though I still hate November summer
Today’s prayer is for Christmas sunshine
Nostalgia dead by my own dry hands

Last night I drew my shades against the rain
Only to fall asleep frustrated
At pointless precipitation in our desert
Irrelevant to our mortality

It’s never overnight you know
But she finally stops showing up

I balance coffee all the way
Through the parking lot
Muttering Gym tomorrow 
I curse stiff joints
And stifled alarm clocks

You Must Shoes

11 09 2012

Been a bit, but here’s a lark.  It’s even politically apathetic!

* * *

Wearing footwear on your feet
Is the way to go about it
If you want to show your stuff
Then there’s just no way around it
For as the debutante can tell you
(Or the cobbler can sell you):
Fashionably-footed people soon will rule the world
I suppose it might surprise you
That those boots you bought last week
Shall soon serve a greater purpose
Than just keeping up your chic
Yet there’s simply no denying
That the toe well-shod and styling
Will always lead the way of those who soon will rule the world
Halls of power will ring out with shouts
Of sharp stilettos clacking
Supreme Court justices will blush
As his or her clogs are found lacking
None will be spared from critique
If one’s shoes are not unique
Only people whose heels are shrewdly clad will rule the world
Looking for respect is useless
If your Jimmy Choos are absent
How can you demand our admiration
If your flats are has-beens?
Form and function notwithstanding
Haute couture is now demanding
Only swanky on ankles of those who would rule the world
Now I know there are the skeptics
Who will write off my projections
Many will I’m sure think it absurd
That shoes decide elections
I know how valid that reply is
But I may be somewhat biased:
I’ll take anything over how we now choose who rules the world

Working for the Weakened

16 02 2011

He’s seen the gently shadowed glen

That speaks to him with paper whispers

And canticles of melancholy.

Today he is basking unwillingly

In the artificial azure light

And fluorescent ten minute breaks,

But his alphabet goes beyond sigma

and he won’t be constrained

by ergonomic chairs.

Come jubilee, he’ll enter nothing

But the sweet reverie of amnesiacs

And bliss brought on by glorious labor.

For it was never work itself that atrophied

the bones, nor toil on its own,

But always absence of object.

So punching in and out

Need not be anything else

But joy for his own sake.



Mourning Saves

6 12 2010

Lightening the load of

A friend

Will always keep you safe

From sin

For no greater safeguard

Is there

Than giving one’s own love

And care

* * * < Miniature snowflakes!

Video for Christmas that we made last winter:


1 05 2010

It’s a synthetic compound

And a catalyst

It enhances Ruku with


But the T stands for Taking

My dreams all Away

And even 38-X-11 can’t

Live to fight another day.

Foggy Saturday Morning

10 04 2010

If you can’t trust my words

Then you’ll have to trust yourself

But don’t expect me to console

You when you lose your mind

But really that’s the last of what

You lost months ago,

And the first of what you found

Embedded in yourself.

Ten hour days

1 04 2010

Working for the weekday

And I’m okay with this

Putting in my 45

And getting out of town tonight

It’s working for me right now but

eventually I’ll kowtow to the psuedo

souvenirs that line my pay stub

every Friday.

Weakened from the weekend and I’ve met my match

on Monday.

But somehow these five steps are steeper

when you’re not upon them.

Swing and a Miss

19 03 2010

Wear your heart upon your sleeve for everyone

and everything

Keep your noble brow aloft to honor fallen kings

and things

Entrap yourself within the place you hide when you hide nothing

For the time being

With all of it draped down upon your cacophonous


Now scatter those ashes and pull out the diamond for

your wedding ring

To the Fair

5 03 2010

Acquiescence to my wishes will preclude you from my favor

Resistance and some distance will allow us both to savor

the Presence and depressants that enable life’s endurance

And in the end of days we’ll both forbear from our forbearance.