And Nyet

10 02 2010

If you could sum up your personality in one superhero, who would it be?

I would say that I am the Black Hornet.

Now, while this picture is apparently showing the hero in one of his many disguises, I think our commonalities are fairly obvious:

1.  We both like to buzz around people’s ears with our wings

2.  Like the hornet, I also have an invisible manservant who drives me everywhere I go.  I just make him sit in the passenger seat so I can drive all the time.

3.  Both of our great uncles were the Lone Ranger.  ( Seriously.  Look it up.)

4.  We both have trademark black masks that we use during crime fighting and ballroom dancing.

5.  Ol’ TBH and I both have knockout gas that we use whenever gas prices get too high.

6.  Stripes.

– – – –

In conclusion, don’t feel bad just because you don’t resemble a superhero as closely as I do.  Some things just can’t be taught.  (Like the old table tennis net in our youth group room)