You Must Shoes

11 09 2012

Been a bit, but here’s a lark.  It’s even politically apathetic!

* * *

Wearing footwear on your feet
Is the way to go about it
If you want to show your stuff
Then there’s just no way around it
For as the debutante can tell you
(Or the cobbler can sell you):
Fashionably-footed people soon will rule the world
I suppose it might surprise you
That those boots you bought last week
Shall soon serve a greater purpose
Than just keeping up your chic
Yet there’s simply no denying
That the toe well-shod and styling
Will always lead the way of those who soon will rule the world
Halls of power will ring out with shouts
Of sharp stilettos clacking
Supreme Court justices will blush
As his or her clogs are found lacking
None will be spared from critique
If one’s shoes are not unique
Only people whose heels are shrewdly clad will rule the world
Looking for respect is useless
If your Jimmy Choos are absent
How can you demand our admiration
If your flats are has-beens?
Form and function notwithstanding
Haute couture is now demanding
Only swanky on ankles of those who would rule the world
Now I know there are the skeptics
Who will write off my projections
Many will I’m sure think it absurd
That shoes decide elections
I know how valid that reply is
But I may be somewhat biased:
I’ll take anything over how we now choose who rules the world