Meat Pies

8 09 2009

Don’t these things sound like the best food ever?  Meat, which is the best food ever, inside of pie, which is also the best food ever.  (superlative Tuesday)

I am hoping the new crepe place across the street opens with meat pies in its inventory.  Eggs and bacon inside of crepes are like meat, but they do not compose a meat pie.

Because, let’s face it, Starbucks is no place to read in the morning.  Suburbans clamoring for caffeine is the worst sort of clatter (or “cratter” as one kid once said) to endure.  Especially in the morning.

John Adams ain’t dead yet!

And, for those of you (Nick) too lazy to Google:

Also, fun fact:  Talespin’s Cape Suzette is a play on the name of Crepe Suzettes.

Yes, it is the best television show of my youth.