Categorical Affinities

12 05 2009

In no particular order:

David Brent

Dodger Blue

High Fives

Pristine Books (next to their pristine covers) after I have finished them

Speech Impediments

The sound ice skates make on a sharp turn just before they give out

Shootout Saves

Rocking Chairs

Reading in Rocking Chairs

Letting you talk even though my vanity has so much advice for you

Splitting Snickers bars with people

Vending machines in general

The steering wheel on Tim’s old car.  Loved that thing.

Lying on the floor in an empty house

Solitude on weekends

Reading aloud with someone else in turns

Ripping open an orange with my hands without getting them sticky.  The risk is what makes it so (yes) appealing

Blue things

Blue-eyed girls

Australian animal names, because what were they thinking?

Baseball Uniforms

Making new foods

American History

Choosing to like America more than England despite my unnatural inclinations

Pretending to hate things for no good reason

The term “iceback”

Arbitrary and alliterative nicknames

The nickname I just came up with two days ago:  Squire Ire