Reading, in the park

21 05 2011

Today was beautiful, and I needed to go outside as well as run some errands.

I started keeping an old blanket in my trunk a while ago because I kept getting annoyed at myself for not having picnic/fireworks/beach/park paraphernalia in my car on the somewhat rare occasions I needed it.  Now that I’ve rectified that problem, I can enjoy days like today.  I took some food and hiked up a hill into a nice park, sparsely populated, and read and napped and figured.

It’s become apparent to me in the last few years that I am an introvert by this definition: I tend to draw my energy from time spent alone rather than time spent in groups of people.  It’s odd to me that I’m generally more pleasant to be around after I’ve just enjoyed time being by myself.  You’d think that time enjoyed alone would engender further desire for solitude, but I guess I’m not as introverted as that.

Plus, some people are pretty all right.   (This is likely what keeps pushing back my fabled trip in Europe more than anything.)

But enough about me.  What do you think about me?