Back In My Day

17 07 2008

My mom found this old poem I wrote (I think around 9th grade) in high school. My memory is fuzzy, but I think it’s supposed to be satirical, since I’ve always been rather a stickler about grammar.

Ballad of Grammatical Imperfection

Some may scream and some may shout

While the worst of them all will simply pout

All the above are basic reactions

To slurring, word-mixing and three-word contractions

Most of them teachers, some of them snobs,

A few busybodies and a couple hobnobs

They can’t stand to listen to imperfect speech

They would rather critique than actually teach

They won’t care if you memorized Lincoln’s Address

What matters, they’ll say, is that you missed an “S”

I guess that my grammar really isn’t that hot

It’s simply one thing me just don’t ain’t not got.