28 11 2009

Dreams can surprise at the strangest of times

But rarely do they stay remembered

For instance, last night

My dream gave me a fright

But those images are now dismembered.

– – – – –

I dreamed (saying dreamt seems so pre….verse….) last night about someone I met a long time ago.  They had gotten married, but only recently, and they suddenly had a child.  I somehow found this out while eating at the taco shack with former college roommates.  I guess the taco shack is a hub of information these days.  Only, it was also my house, in the dream.  We had a big front porch outside of the taco shack house, but I remember suddenly coming face to face with this guy that I had never really spoken with, but I was kind of intimidated by him.  AT FIRST.  Then, I brushed him off like so much lint from a blazer, and started repairing my bunk bed.

So.  I am reminiscing about some dumb dream I had that makes no sense and was probably brought on by too much food (or not enough food…?  Perhaps.) the day before.  Why does this seem important to me?  Because I remember it.  I usually don’t remember dreams (except for a few recurring ones throughout my life), but this one has managed to elude cerebral effacement  (Good band name).   I like this.  Effectually, it’s like I have been told a secret by someone who then died.  I am the only person who knows what happened at the taco shack (because I ingeniously hid the names from your eyes!), and I don’t plan on revealing what I think it means any time soon.  Oh, I know what it means.  Connecting the dots in this subconscious novella is a paint-by-flipping-numbers exercise to me.  But I’m on vacation, and you’re in consternation, and the taco shack will retain its information!

Hello, candy time!

What my dreams mean

16 10 2008
Science! Math!

Science! Math!


15 08 2008

I used to dream rarely; I can remember a handful of dreams (usually recurring) throughout my life, but they usually came sporadically.

Lately, though, I’ve been fairly well plagued by a few persistent images on a nightly basis. I don’t fall into that category of people who believe dreams always mean something important — a lot of the subject matter of my earlier dreams is a great testament to this, in fact. Whatever the cause for them, though, I could really do without them. At first I thought that I’ve just been waking up a lot closer to my REM cycle than usual; but it hasn’t really mattered when I wake. Weekends, travel days and even really short three hour nights have all held the common thread of this dream. Realize this, though: the fact that I can remember it every time disturbs me a lot more than the dream itself.

Maybe I should just eat a ton of pizza and Nyquil on the same night. Couldn’t make it any worse.