Planning a Party for Yourself

3 06 2010

Is way more stressful than planning someone else’s

Seriously.  I’m kinda Freakin’ Out here.  What if it’s not fun?  What if people feel I don’t pay attention to them?  What if people are offended by all my jokes about leprous lobsters?  What if people are offended by lobsters, period?  What if the lobsters I invite are offended by the people whom I didn’t invite?

You see, there’s really so very much that could go wrong.

* * *

Watched Takashi Saito come within one out of what would have been a very poignant save against the Blue Crew, tonight.  Instead, he pulled him hammy (I think) somethin’ fierce, and had to give way to some Braves reliever after getting an 0-2 count on Russell Martin.  Man, I felt bad for him.  We miss you, Sammy.

Not Again

19 10 2009

Listening to Vin Scully call this one was like listening to your beloved grandfather telling you about your parents’ death in an airplane crash as he watched it happen on television

See you laters

16 06 2009

Impromptu Dodger game tonight, and we saw Kemp win it with a single in the bottom of the 10th, after a weird sequence that ended up being a Loney GIDP.

I will now depart for 12 days.  I am going to be a burden on some people, and an answer to prayer for others.  Look out world, here comes my vacation?

Oh, and happy birthday Juel.

Senseless Violins

15 04 2009

Between Nick Adenhart and fatal altercations in the parking lots of Anaheim and Los Angeles, baseball is making it hard to love it this year.

That is, until I watched the Dodgers’ opening day festivities Monday afternoon, and got to see the ineffable Vin Scully briefly address the crowd.  I can’t say anything about him that hasn’t been said better and more often, but I will never forget falling asleep to his dulcet tones on my brother’s radio, often prying open my eyes just long enough to hear him tell me to stay tuned for the post-game show.

Baseball is a part of my life in a weird, almost vicarious way.  I’ve played (and am playing) my share, although I will never truly tire of it.  There’s just too much there for me to stop caring about it.  Whether it’s memories with my parents, friends, siblings, mentors or friendly rivals, I will always hold this game in a part of myself that no one but Vinny himself could sever from my soul.