Roomate Reminiscings #2

31 07 2009

Sophomore year:  Brooks

Ever cross-eyed and spouting meaningless Greek, Brook s joined Micah and me in a triple room for sophomore year.  Horton Hall was being demolished, so they had to cram students in everywhere.  We volunteered to take one for the team (team fun) and shove three guys into a room roughly the size of most wealthy people’s closets.  Really.

Anyway, the year started off rather inauspiciously when Micah brought his drum set in.  Yeah, we knew we’d be having all of our beds lofted, but still.  Drums?  Really?  While I was fine with it (except for one very specific occasion where I had a huge paper worth most of my grade due at 5pm), there were times where it didn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Looking back on it, it’s actually a great thing that Brooks was only dating a girl for a few months of those two semesters.  I can’t imagine how insane we would all have been had all three of us been dating people while living in a prison cell with drums and dirty clothes.  Brook s was pretty well-known around the dorm for being sociable, affable, and nice to most everyone.  He was always one of the first guys to invite new people along on Cafe trips, card games, or birthday Molca Salsa runs.  What I didn’t realize, however, was how poorly this suited him for rooming with Micah and me.  Especially me.  I’m not a socialite by any means, and Micah doesn’t exactly emanate friendliness and joy.  It began to grow a little tough to distinguish how Brooks related to us from how he related to the random guy he met in the Cafe while in line for chicken parm.  There were those special moments, however, like when he and Norm and Aaron decided to perform a Mario Bros. music set for Punk ‘N Pie.  This only meant, however, that the three of them (with three guitars and an amp) would frequently decide to practice in our room.  Many times loudly, with the door open, so as to gain the interest and feedback of our peers.  Strangely, most of these times coincided with open hours.  Not that I blame them at all — I mean, I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to flaunt my quasi-nerdy musical proclivities.

One of my favorite moments with Brooks was early on in the semester, when we both got warning slips from Campus Safety (the PIGS!) for skateboarding on campus.  I was convinced by brooks to ‘board with him to Eagle’s Nest at 11:50pm so that we could make it there before it closed, so we took off.  I’m sure that my suicidal attempts at riding a skateboard slowed me down immensely, but that made it even more fun.  We finally got back to the dorm, caloried up and cholesteroled for a week, when Officer Joel busted us.  It was one of the funnier things that happened all semester.  (Also destroying half the campus with my golf cart.  Ask Cory about that one.)  I remember feeling a little empty during the semester for a lot of reasons; girls were part of it, but it was the generally enhanced social atmosphere that comes from seeing your friends grow more comfortable with broadening their horizons.  I’m not a horizon-broadener at all.  This left me a little depleted of sympathy and Christian love, which only hurt the experience that much more.

It seems that I’m dwelling on a lot of negatives.  Brooks is still a good guy.  We’ve had a few talks since then, and we could probably hang out today at the drop of a hat, although he’s more to credit for that than I am.  Timing is what it came down to.  After spending my first year acclimating to the college atmosphere, I wanted to recline in my La-Z-Boy of friends and make some memories. (again, sounds a little butch…) Instead, I wound up in a group of people mostly looking to make their mark on campus.  Of these people, Brooks is one of the ones I’m glad I know and knew.  I’m ok with that.