Neptune’s Reverie

16 08 2009
And from the waters emerges the Sea King

And from the waters emerges the Sea King

Rivers run with blood of those who cannot speak their mind

And oceans foam with skeletons of those we left behind

The rocks are crashing silently and moaning for their keeper

But he has left for fairer shores and tide pools even deeper

Caring for the living sea will kill the man who tries

Should woman dare to deign to care no one shall hear her cries

The living casket overflowing begs mankind to fill it

And ever pulling, stretching, reeling, begs him not to kill it

The life on land cannot compare to what resides beneath

What rules the deep and commands it rests inside Neptune’s sheath

No trident now or magic wand the Sea King reaches for,

But his canticles of melancholy sift the water’s floor

What permeates the currents here and keeps the land afloat?

None other than master of the earth’s eternal moat.

– – –

)( I saw District 9 on Thursday.  Go see it, tell me what you think.  It’s heavy on the gore, so be forewarned.

)( Jlo and I hit up everything from In-N-Out to the BEACH this weekend.  I even volunteered to go.  And I got tarred and sunburned for my generosity.  It’s air conditioned-buildings for my weekends from now on.

Man to Man

10 08 2009

After a rousing weekend of paintball, steak, steak and birthdays, this is from my friends Matt and Kayla said Saturday.

“Women stand face to face with one another; men stand shoulder to shoulder.”

So, basically, stop hugging me, people.  I have a select few friends that I feel close enough with to hug them; in fact, those occasions are pretty rare themselves.

In other words, this quote is my new and improved way of telling people not to touch me.

MC Defenseless

26 07 2009

Micah and I were in charge of “running the show” for Thatcher & Laura’s wedding reception this weekend.

I know, I know.

Nothing major went awry, but my favorite moment was this:

The wedding coordinator’s husband comes up to me after the reception has started, and asks if we have any karaoke planned.  I told him no, we do not, sorry.  He then asks if there is a keyboard or something like that.  I say, a little more hesitantly, that I know of no musical implements other than the sanctuary piano.  I then ask him if I can help him with something, and he informs me that, oh, it’s no big deal, but he figured he could sing a number for the bride and groom for them on this special day.


I actually considered, for the briefest instant, suggesting to him some other way of honoring my friends.  The look on their faces when this random guy started to serenade them would have been better than any gift.  Any gift for me, at least.  They probably would’ve been really annoyed.

Made a 90s playlist today.  All is well.

Fractured Fractals

12 07 2009

After being forced to constantly turn my friend Corey down, I finally made it out to a park in Chino Hills where he and some friends play inline hockey.  While it’s about a 30 minute drive, it was well worth the trip.  Of course, it was hot and muggy, we only had one goalie, and I got sniped on a breakaway, but it was really fun to get back out there.   However, the one thing that kept frustrating me was my inability to finish.  I would execute a nice little toe drag (of sorts) approaching the goal, but I couldn’t elevate the puck to save my life.   I’m still a decent skater, and I can defend and pass as well as anyone else we played with, but I never have been all that great of a shooter.  I am great, however, at falling on my butt.  Only did it once, but it was absolutely unassisted, and my elbow still hurts a little.  Thankfully I was wearing gear, so no chance of my killing myself or anything.  We weren’t exactly playing to kill, either.  (as long as you don’t count my wrist shot that tagged the goalie in the face.  Masks are our friends.)

Now I get to start another week.  Last week was one of my harder weeks to get through in a long time, and I hope this one is better.  Attitude adjustment, right?

Also finished reading The Shack this week.  I’m still formulating my opinion of the whole thing, but I have lots of little reactions to some of the prose.  The phrase “Thomas Kinkade of Literature” came to mind more than once.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Thomas Kinkade.

Go team.

Restive Contentment

23 05 2009

I fulfilled my goal of pinting with BU profs last night.  To be sure, it was a little less than a complete victory, but it still counts!

* * *

I think I missed Torrey graduation because of work yesterday.  And by “think” I mean “it didn’t occur to me until one of the kids asked about a ring then I sat there and said to myself, ‘oh, I guess I won’t be there today.’ ”  Eh.

* * *

I love hoisting.  Anything, really.  Hoisting is just too fun.j

Indie, Seen!

20 05 2009

I tried to draw Indonesia on my hand today for a 7th grader’s homework.  It was probably the most flattering representation Indonesia has gotten in a long time.

* *  *

I feel bad tonight:

Eggs for breakfast (2) on toast (buttered).

Peanut Butter & Honey sandwich for lunch, with chips.

Round Table Pizza (Many Slices).

Coldstone Ice Cream (Cory’s fault).

I want to eat nothing but broccoli and water for a week.

* * *

I like manipulating children into enjoying education.  I am good at it.  I am not that great at actually educating, but I can manipulate.


16 05 2009
  • Where is Lou when you need her?
  • I accidentally smiled when Andrew back talked the other day and used the phrase “double superlative” in his retort.
  • I haven’t done anything spontaneous for about four or six days.  Time’s a-comin’…
  • I miss missing the days before my nights and weekends were busy with the play.  Still not my world, but it offers its share of somethings.
  • Why doesn’t anyone does care about American history the same way Mom and I do?
  • Benjamin Franklin was not as much of a womanizer as he is perceived.  At least, the whole “girlfriends in France” thing is a bit exaggerated.  I’ll tell you all about sometime.  Then we’ll get married.
  • I’m so glad I’m not graduating this year.  Aren’t you?
  • I love my sisters.