Easter Cards

29 03 2013


One might think that, as the “Religious” Easter cards (this is only a subcategory) are the only ones selling, Target might stock more than five of them.


Sorry, grandma, but I guess you get a “funny” Easter card about poop or sex this year. Lots of those left for some reason. Happy Easter, everybody!

Never Overnight

20 03 2013

When screaming wind was encouragement
To run even faster
My skin never cracked
Bones grew silent and strong
Rain at dawn was almost salacious
Sounding suggestions that the girl
In my dream could be right outside my window
Ready for a torrential stroll with a can of root beer

I used to love the cool Los Angeles winter
Impotent frigidity belying a seasonal ignorance
And though I still hate November summer
Today’s prayer is for Christmas sunshine
Nostalgia dead by my own dry hands

Last night I drew my shades against the rain
Only to fall asleep frustrated
At pointless precipitation in our desert
Irrelevant to our mortality

It’s never overnight you know
But she finally stops showing up

I balance coffee all the way
Through the parking lot
Muttering Gym tomorrow 
I curse stiff joints
And stifled alarm clocks