Counseling Cessations

11 02 2011

The winter of our discontent should be a happy time, because winter is the ebb of life.  If our life is one of discontent, winter is discontent’s greatest ebb.

Unless you meant to say that this is the winter of our discontent, as in “the winter of ’09.”  But I don’t know why this particular winter would be identified with our discontent so much, unless we’re just really S.A.D.

English has so many words that are incredibly versatile.  Some of my favorites, lately:  Have, mean, slug, like, diversify.

Are smartphones the primary cause of bad posture today?

I have done and liked doing the following:

Eaten bread for dinner.

Sprinted through Downtown Disney despite being yelled at by staff to stop.

Done nothing but read for an entire day for fun.

Eaten eight Krispy Kreme doughnuts in an hour while in a good mood.

Broken a rule I didn’t agree with because I thought I was above the rules, then later lectured someone for doing the same thing, then broken a different rule with them.

Spent half an hour looking for a $1 flip flop because I was annoyed at the person who lost it.

Faked a southern accent anytime I answered the phone at work.

Broken my collar bone by flipping my bike off a ramp.

Never worn a cast.

Played a butler, a judge, a troubled adolescent drummer, a veterinarian, Winnie-the-Pooh, and a shepherd.










One response

12 02 2011

good. I’m glad.

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