A King’s Random

9 11 2010

After work today, I sat inside Jiffy Lube while they serviced my car.  They had some news program (the one with Elliot Spitzer) playing on an LCD television set, and I watched a hockey game (live!) on my cell phone while I waited.

This scares me.

How on earth am I supposed to stay in touch with what’s important with the luxury and idle distractions ever-present in this country pulling at me all the time?  I have a near infinite supply of books available at stores and libraries around me, and I can watch almost any television show or movie on demand.  I can play tons of video games or get coffee, tea or snacks at any number of places easily within walking distance.

This numbs me.

I can call hundreds of people I know from anywhere, send instant messages with hyperlinks to videos and articles to anyone I’ve ever met (or heard of), and create my own movies, songs and stories for free.

This distracts me.

I have so many ways to amuse and bemuse myself, but the only thing I’ve done tonight that really mattered was give someone a gift.  It’s probably the only thing I’ll remember two weeks from now about today.  Why don’t we find tons of ways to do more stuff like that?

This saddens me.

Go write a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while.




2 responses

11 11 2010

This quotable comes to mind:

Ned Flanders: “Why, this isn’t an Amusement Park! It’s a Bemusement Park!”

Ironic considering that a trifling quote from a long-standing television show I can watch whenever I want is the way I choose to respond to your thoughtful post…

14 11 2010

And then he smiled.

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