Going, Ongoing

21 10 2010

Anybody saw me while I was

But you could not have cared less,

Life holds minutes so tantalizingly

In its hands, but I was oblivious

To the passing of consequence.

Mercifully (even graciously) I was cut down

Where I stood.  Allowed to

release the pulsating pride of plans

To the ground that knew them for what they were.

I recognized my blood for someone else’s, and

knew them for what they were, and are.

In pursuit of suitable distractions

The horizontal is all too regularly piqued,

And while the parallel can lull us to sleep,

It’s the aberrations that point to what we’ve

Been awakened for.

* * * *

Futures brought me home tonight

with Clarity that might

have Invented a way

to Bleed American blood without having to

Chase This Light any further.

But in the end, Static Prevails.



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