Becoming One of Those People

31 05 2010

After about four years of faithful service, I’ve powered down my LG VX8600 and gotten a Motorola Droid.

You can look up the technical stuff elsewhere, but I’m afraid of becoming of those people with smartphones (if they’re still called that?).

I’ll keep you posted.  See below for first entry.

* * * * * * * *

DAY 1:

I spent ten minutes trying to decide if the weak wireless connection at the nearby library was faster than the 3G connection I get anywhere.

I’ve been staying away from Facebook on my phone as much as possible. Somehow, the idea the of using social networking when I’m outside, surrounded by people, seems frighteningly pathetic.  And yet…

Google Maps w/ navigation = sweet.  As my coworker said about his Droid last week, this function alone really is worth the price of the phone.  Finally, a feature I don’t feel guilty about enjoying!

Cory asked me if I had downloaded any games yet.  I haven’t.  Who needs games when you have THE ENTIRE INTERNET ON YOUR PHONE?

Syncing my contacts through Gmail (and Verizon’s website/Backup Assistant) was easy.  Too easy.  Why would they make it this easy unless they’re data mining?  Friends:  if you start getting twelve calls a day for Vonage or credit card offers, I am sorry — it’s the price of (my) convenience.  But hey, if we’re lucky, the Russians will intercept that list before it reaches the spam people and use it to hunt down everyone with guns like in Red Dawn.




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