Black Tares

5 09 2009

Those people who

See only black and white

Only see black in the white;

Never has grey looked so good,

But are you deafer than all that?

Are you as stoic as you don’t say you are?

I know the clock doesn’t wait

But I hope you can slip into neutral for me

As my shoelaces just broke, as usual.

I’ve dashed out to the car for the hundredth time

But you still don’t seem like you’re waiting

Or are you just waiting for someone else?

I suppose that’s why

I’d rather be alone.

Emaline knows herself as well as I do

But she chose to forgo what I knew she could show

In favor of succumbing to the flesh numbing savor

Of truly unadulterated bliss.

Emaline, you need to find me next year

When we are both at the same spot

But not moving so quickly.

I can revolve and resolve upon you

But it really depends on what they say

Not because they matter

But because they see more than either of us.

So I am closing the door and trying to hang on

But I’m over my head

So someone will need to carry me for once

Until we all come to rest

With the rest of them.

The lights are off again,

But no one is my everything

And the solemn silence of the dark

embraces me more wholly

Than any tear-soaked visage has ever done.

For the darkness sees what is there

And is not deceived by the sunshine,

What is, remains in the dark

But what cannot last shines most brightly at noon.

So if the moonless night has anything left to say

I am listening.

And if the acrid stars are done pandering,

I will have my peace.



2 responses

6 09 2009

Which being interpreted is . . . ? Or maybe I just don’t speak blog?

7 09 2009

It’s just some poetry I wrote a little while ago; like all sub-par poets, I have no idea what most of it means…

or do I?

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