Neptune’s Reverie

16 08 2009
And from the waters emerges the Sea King

And from the waters emerges the Sea King

Rivers run with blood of those who cannot speak their mind

And oceans foam with skeletons of those we left behind

The rocks are crashing silently and moaning for their keeper

But he has left for fairer shores and tide pools even deeper

Caring for the living sea will kill the man who tries

Should woman dare to deign to care no one shall hear her cries

The living casket overflowing begs mankind to fill it

And ever pulling, stretching, reeling, begs him not to kill it

The life on land cannot compare to what resides beneath

What rules the deep and commands it rests inside Neptune’s sheath

No trident now or magic wand the Sea King reaches for,

But his canticles of melancholy sift the water’s floor

What permeates the currents here and keeps the land afloat?

None other than master of the earth’s eternal moat.

– – –

)( I saw District 9 on Thursday.  Go see it, tell me what you think.  It’s heavy on the gore, so be forewarned.

)( Jlo and I hit up everything from In-N-Out to the BEACH this weekend.  I even volunteered to go.  And I got tarred and sunburned for my generosity.  It’s air conditioned-buildings for my weekends from now on.




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