What’s Funny about Christians?

1 08 2009

TIME’s Joel Stein tries to answer it

I don’t have a huge harangue about this subject.  From the two or three clips in the article’s video to the other bits mentioned, it doesn’t sound like it was a terribly funny evening.  He complains about Christians’ reticence to do any jokes about risque stuff, and he notes the audience’s propensity for laughing at almost anything.  Micah would say that it’s because most people aren’t funny.  I would argue that it’s because our standard for humor isn’t what is actually incongruous with reality, but what is wholly unexpected.  The problem with making certain sex jokes, for a Christian, is that they make light of something we are taught to take very seriously.  One wouldn’t joke about cancer in a room full of doctors because they know all too well the implications for such things.

For Christians, then, humor should be different.  Not because we aren’t allowed to joke about as much stuff or because we have to take everything seriously — we should actually find more things funny.  I can’t help but laugh at people (when perhaps I should be more saddened?) who take things seriously that just don’t mean anything.  The guy who loves showing off his new clothes at a party like a freakin’ peacock, for instance.  Ok, well, that’s not really funny so much as it is lame.  But I get to laugh at him, which is cool too.

Actually, just read Chesterton.  Or Lewis.  Or Sayers.  Good authors can make me laugh, and they don’t have to resort to sex jokes (or as Stein uses as his most frequent target, poop jokes) to do it.  People are ridiculous, and the Christian should find this world funnier than anyone.



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15 08 2009

woooooww very2 thanks to share :P i always came to visit ur blog

16 08 2009

Thanks, I think.

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