Cartas a Alguien

29 07 2009

My mom gave me a really great gift for my birthday.  Actually, she gave me a lot of great gifts.  Lots of people did.  My parents, grandparents and aunt all tend to spoil me (can you still be spoiled after growing up?) on holidays, but I digress.

She gave me a box of her homemade cards and envelopes, each tailored to exude a distinct vibe and address a particular situation.  Anyway, I just really love having the ability to express a nice thought to someone without appearing like I didn’t put any thought into it.  (The fact that I do not make these cards any more than I make an American Greetings card is not relevant)

Anyway, I just sent one of them out.  It was time, you know?

– – –

I’m going through all my old stuff, and I have lots of little sentimental things.  Receipts, photos, ticket stubs, photocopied letters, real letters, hilarious cards…they all mean something.  But I can’t help but thinking (see Dulce Domum) that I’ll someday have much stronger things to hold onto than these few leaves of my past.  For now, they hold up as significant tokens of my life.  There will come a day (I know and hope) when they are as significant to me as my childhood math books are to me now.  (And I even liked math back then…)




2 responses

31 07 2009

just jugar bien sus cartas and the world will be yours! (Did you see Scarface?)

31 07 2009

I had to watch it for a class a while ago. Took me a sec, but I caught the reference.

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