Roomate Reminiscings

28 07 2009

#1 — Freshman year: Micah

Micah and I knew (and know) each other longer than any other person we went to college with.  Upon discovering that we would both be attending the same school, rooming together was a natural choice.  We had acclimated to each others’ personality over years at the same summer camp, and we both had misgivings about being stuck with a random roommate.

Our first year together (we would go on to spend 18 more moths together in the future) was marked with candy binges, late nights, and distempered hostility towards our moon-faced classmates.  We began to collect a good group of “friends” that we could tolerate enough for meals, and I still maintain that that group would have looked a lot more dismal without us.  Not just because of how awesome we were, but because we both (perhaps Micah even more than I) attracted personality types that would normally be put off by the more social and group-dependent people.  What I’m basically saying is that we were the coolest people that no one will think of when someone asks them “who were the coolest people on your hall?”

We went through some some ups and downs with girls, classes and friends.  We got on each others’ nerves on multiple occasions, and we laughed together more than with anyone else (that I know of).  One of my lasting memories (unnecessary redundancy) will always be the Monday or Wednesday morning when Micah had a morning class, and he responded to his alarm by hopping out of the top bunk right onto the open spikes of his three ring binder.

He was limping for a week.

He kept his fridge stocked with Coke and Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers (until Costco stopped carrying them) and he borrowed my suit to go to Spring Banquet.  I still have the ticket stub he left in one of the pockets.

He was more cynical than I, less selfish, and more spontaneous.  Neither of us had a car, but we would walk down to the grocery store together on Sunday afternoons and talk about college, camp, food, stupid people, or nothing.  We started both of the projects for MCOM 202 the night before they were due, and they are still funny.  Not as funny to our professor, who worked on such films as Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius. I guess he mistook our slapdash creativity for laziness.  Probably because Micah fell asleep in class once or twice.

After living with him for a while ,I can certainly enumerate all the things about him that drive me bonkers.  He eats loudly, embarrasses me in public and private, and is as verbally truculent as anyone I know.  However, just because this isn’t quite gay enough yet, that stuff was just part of an experience that I’ll always look fondly upon.  We respect each other, and know exactly where we stood at any given moment.  We didn’t feel the need to have dozens of heart-to-hearts because our thought processes were similar enough to render those superfluous on most occasions.  And when we did talk about important things, the conversation was always interesting.

An end-of-the-year video recap session still exists somewhere, and I can hear it vividly right now.  I’m trying to carry some semblance of form and wit along in a description of the past two semesters, and Micah is throwing overtly sarcastic comments in at will.  I try to respond in kind, and he just goes down one more level (eg “Uh, yeah, that’s because I grew up locked in the basement…”), rendering me hapless, and happy.  Had girls and classes not interfered, the year’s bliss would have rendered our upcoming addition of a third roommate completely unconscionable.  Instead, we figured this chemistry was immutable, and sought to create “The Party Zone.”

More like the part-ing zone.  BAM!



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2 09 2010
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