Trebor is dying

18 07 2009

Galaxies are fading but the end is really not

The culmination of all things, for death is not for naught.

Though starships crash and dreams unwind under the guise of war

It doesn’t take the chosen one to know what this is for

It’s hot in here, and surely all these snow speeders aren’t free

But childhood is sacrificed to Great Reality

Those days were just the actions of a Jedi warrior

And though no scather have I now, I still shall fight for me.




3 responses

7 08 2009

Did you write a poem about my Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II, Trebor?

10 08 2009

Uh, no.

It’s a character I made up in some stories I wrote years and years ago. It was really bad and corny. And awesome.

10 08 2009

Thats weird that we would name two completely different characters the same thing.

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