Death Penalty

9 06 2009

After reading about Sr. Gallo’s not guilty plea this morning, I read a lot of angry diatribes.  While there are some interesting arguments for the severity of punishments for drunk driving, the death penalty itself is a pretty interesting concept.  I’m barely awake right now, but I like throwing things out there while I remember them.  Here’s a few of my thoughts on the subject:

-If you could not flip the switch, you can’t justify it being done.

-Can anyone truly call themselves a sinner saved by grace and then choose to send a sinner to hell (effectively)?

-People didn’t have to worry about these things when the earth swallowed up sinners by the thousands.

-Do harsher penalties really deter violence?  In gang-related scenarios, I tend to agree that they do.

-Is capital punishment for capital crimes appealing to our best or worst nature?  (that is, satisfying some lust for blood atonement or releasing the sinners to the depths of sin itself)

-I don’t want taxes increased for criminals’ sakes.  However, I’m also against California’s threat/statement that prisoners will have to be realeased (what?) in the near future because of overcrowding and budget constraints.

-People would steal less if it cost an arm.

-There would be a lot more one-armed people around if we still operated on that principle.

-Are florescent lights worse than death?  Yes.  Yes they are.



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