Tell Me Why This Shouldn’t Offend Me

30 05 2009

“Justice [Sandra Day] O’Connor has often been cited as saying that a wise old man and a wise old woman will reach the same conclusion in deciding cases.  I am also not so sure [sic] that I agree with the statement   I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

-Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

I don’t really know where to start on this quote (pulled from the June 1-8 issue of TIME).  One the one hand, it’s pretty standard pratice these days to bash white males as being the bastion (eh?) of close-minded intolerance.   On the other hand, hearing a potential (and exceedingly probable) justice of the highest court in the land espouse this opinion really disturbs me.  Smarter people than I have demonstrated the fallacy (and danger) of thinking that WASPs are the worst people group in America, and I’ve learned to just accept that as a given in our Modern Society.  I’m not going to spew some harangue about how much this bothers me (too late), but I can’t shake the feeling that I need to shout at someone.

Today I Decided to Listen to a Cool Indie Band

27 05 2009

I like my share of obscure music.  I do.  So when I saw an interesting video by Of Montreal, I decided to get one of their albums and see if I could find myself on the cutting edge of little-known music and extreme bragging rights among my less-cultured friends.

I actually have a newer album called Skeletal Lamping, but this video is fairly representative of their stuff.  The electric beats and peppy rhythms speak for themselves, and the underwater vocals are fairly par for the course.  One part 60s alternative, two parts electric folk, and no parts grunge.  The chords are back and forth melodic, and the cyclic melodies will keep you walking to the beat.  Especially if you’re a computer.  The funk factor is there, but it doesn’t take you along for the ride so much as parade itself in front of you, constantly twisting and contorting itself to keep your attention.   And if you’re shy about sexually forthright lyrics, they’re probably not the band for you or your kids.  I could throw a couple of the more eyebrow-raising track titles out there, but that wouldn’t be completely fair.  Of Montreal is clearly setting the mood, and they’ve released plenty of material to sustain it for a while (they’re releasing albums at nearly a yearly rate for the past few years now).

To sum up, I’ll compare it to candy.  Like a Baby Ruth bar, there’s a lot of chewy nougat to digest.  If you’re looking for a quick bite, you’re looking in the wrong place.  They love to meander up and down scales until even the most devoted fan begins to wonder if their LP is skipping, but if you chew long enough, you’ll begin to understand exactly what gives it that odd taste.  The sweet caramel is there, so there’s sufficient hooks for the casual listener to at least enjoy some of their songs, but it likely won’t be drawing any fans that aren’t looking for a band like Of Montreal to play in the car during road trips with their cool friends in the first place.

At least, that’s what my review would look like if they weren’t an insane and weird band of freaks.  Seriously, go find some GOOD music to listen to.

That said, I’m still a Derek Webb fan.  Slings and Arrows, away!

Fun Size Candy Isn’t

26 05 2009

And let’s be honest — do you ever think you could justify using Halloween to collect a bunch of junk food?

I mean, I’m not opposed to it.  I just think it’s a little too similar to taking bribes for heresy.

There he is

25 05 2009

I haven’t seen Norm Macdonald around lately, but apparently he made an appearance at a Bob Saget roast last year.  Enjoy some of it, below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Restive Contentment

23 05 2009

I fulfilled my goal of pinting with BU profs last night.  To be sure, it was a little less than a complete victory, but it still counts!

* * *

I think I missed Torrey graduation because of work yesterday.  And by “think” I mean “it didn’t occur to me until one of the kids asked about a ring then I sat there and said to myself, ‘oh, I guess I won’t be there today.’ ”  Eh.

* * *

I love hoisting.  Anything, really.  Hoisting is just too fun.j

Indie, Seen!

20 05 2009

I tried to draw Indonesia on my hand today for a 7th grader’s homework.  It was probably the most flattering representation Indonesia has gotten in a long time.

* *  *

I feel bad tonight:

Eggs for breakfast (2) on toast (buttered).

Peanut Butter & Honey sandwich for lunch, with chips.

Round Table Pizza (Many Slices).

Coldstone Ice Cream (Cory’s fault).

I want to eat nothing but broccoli and water for a week.

* * *

I like manipulating children into enjoying education.  I am good at it.  I am not that great at actually educating, but I can manipulate.


18 05 2009

Dissolve the cataracts of fear

That cloak my feeble will

Resolve my fear of facts and tears

That smoke has kept so still

No cancer can erode my doubt

As quickly as it came

For hands hear what the ears keep out

When fickleness is shamed