Senseless Violins

15 04 2009

Between Nick Adenhart and fatal altercations in the parking lots of Anaheim and Los Angeles, baseball is making it hard to love it this year.

That is, until I watched the Dodgers’ opening day festivities Monday afternoon, and got to see the ineffable Vin Scully briefly address the crowd.  I can’t say anything about him that hasn’t been said better and more often, but I will never forget falling asleep to his dulcet tones on my brother’s radio, often prying open my eyes just long enough to hear him tell me to stay tuned for the post-game show.

Baseball is a part of my life in a weird, almost vicarious way.  I’ve played (and am playing) my share, although I will never truly tire of it.  There’s just too much there for me to stop caring about it.  Whether it’s memories with my parents, friends, siblings, mentors or friendly rivals, I will always hold this game in a part of myself that no one but Vinny himself could sever from my soul.



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