Story Time

7 04 2009

My dream is to be paid for writing about what I remember.

Until then, I’ll continue to inundate no one in particular with random stories from my life.  The first one will be about my high school prom, and I will break it up into a few parts so as to make it more digestable for the reader and less intimidating for the author.

Part one shall commence tomorrow, probably.  Here’s some random excerpts to whet your appetite:

“And I realized that I was jealous of the homecoming king not because of his crown, but because of his great pitching arm.  He struck me out once when he was on the Indians five years ago.”

“And Cesar, the foreign exchange student from Brazil, began to do his best to get a ride home in my car.  Without his date.”

“It wasn’t the bumping and grinding that bothered me so much as the fact that I had celebrated a harvest festival in this same building with my friend’s church group a little while back.  I just can’t thrust my hips when all that candy comes to mind…”

Stay Tuned.



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