1 04 2009

For April Fool’s Day, I will tell you a good joke.

I was at home making dinner for Thatcher and Clint the other day (they are bad at doing things) when I got a call from Randall.  He told me that I should come down and audition for a play he was doing because the last guy who was doing another role in the play maybe has to get his foot cut off.  SO, the guy playing another role was going to take his spot, and that second guy (Ryan) had left his role vacant.  SO, I decided to take Randall’s advice and head down there to read for the director, since I am universally known as The Best at everything.  I went down there, and I thought about how ironic it was that I was going to perhaps be in a play, since I have always considered myself a terrible actor.  Then, I realized that that probably wasn’t really ironic, just strange or conicidental, and I decided that I was going to lord it over everyone like Tobias or something.  However, I have now resolved to ACT THE CRAP outta the thing, which has resulted in mostly terrible things.  Mission accomplished.

So, really, I just wanted to whine a bit about how unqualified I am to be doing this.  I hope that I lower everyone’s expectations enough to prevent them from eating before the show.  Vomit can really drag us actors down.



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