The Rest of the Story

1 03 2009

My first time hearing “The Rest of the Story” was on my way to a mobile home park sometime in elementary school.

I don’t remember whom it was about, and I didn’t really like it that much.  But Harvey’s voice has stayed in my head to this day (can’t you just hear it even now?) and I can’t imagine a comparable voice on the airwaves today.  He’s been called the godfather of radio news and much more, but surely you’ve heard all that.  All I really want to remember about him is the smiling, golden voice of the happiest man I had ever heard wishing me “good day” in the middle of a boring car ride.  After that first time, I always stopped (or forced my friends to turn back the radio dial to whatever station I had caught a bit of his voice on) to listen whenever Paul Harvey was on the radio.

Maybe that’s why elderly people like me so much.