9 02 2009

As narcissism already reigns in this, my sacred realm of self, I will now waste time when I should be working by gettin’ the old writing juices flowing in a vaguely-familiar fashion.  I’ll do this every now and then  (I do so loathe the phrase “now and again” when used by those who read it in a British book.)

1.  I enjoy candy to a bad extreme.  I thought I had begun to slake my need for it until my junior year of college, when I started bringing some sort of candy to my Monday class each week.  This lasted the next three semesters, and has since tapered off slightly.  I will freely share it (my old coworker Veronica called my earlier tendency to hide my candy the “fat kid” syndrome.) with anyone who asks, but I will almost never offer it.  This is because I want to see the same desire in others that I know lies within my own fat-kid heart.  It’s really pretty sick, but I feel better about shoveling candy down my gullet when I know other people are doing the same.  Lately, I’ve been able to supplant my desire for candy while reading a good book with coffee or raw carrots.

2.  I am very competitive, but I take pride in not letting it show most of the time.  This tends to madden people on my team, as my efforts to mask my dangerously competitive spirit are often mistaken for ennui/treachery.

3.  I allow myself to use “real” as an adverb in certain company.   This frightens me, but I rationalize this usage by arguing (to myself) that I mean “real” to express a different thought than “really” on those occasions.  Sometimes I even convince myself of this.

4.  I am pained whenenver I notice that I have begun three sentences in a row with the same part of speech.  This is all Andrew Pudewa’s fault.

5.  I suspect that my greatest strength may be observation and deduction.  Incongruously, I would make a terrible detective/investigate reporter.  I can, however, often discern who likes whom in most summer camp-type situations!

This feels so, so prideful to me.  I can’t imagine doing this 25 times…is that my false humility talking?



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