25 01 2009

Let’s unload the boxes of mountainous problems

Don’t strain your back on the carton of photographs,

Keep your spine in line though you’re burdened with luggage

It’s imperative that you keep your spine

In line.

Let’s open our eyes and walk out the door

The bars are all closed but the night is wide open,

Don’t stare too long at the powdery sky

It’ll be gone before long, but we won’t,

Both of our spines are aligned.

The eyes are the same but the screens are all gone

I’m staring the sun in the face by the moonlight

Powder or no, I insist that you move

Sunlight is savage on Saturday nights

But it’s fine.

Whether or not we’re still here after always

My retinas will always remember their scars

Two heavenly bodies entombed in the asphalt

Whoever knew us knew fire severe,

Not this time.

I gave Jamie her notice and she noticed me

I calmly retreated into ecstasy

Until frigid fingers ripped hot on my spine

Ten times I was told of that sinful rejoicing,

But I rejoice for mine.



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