Quick Notes

21 11 2008

I’m still alive.  Barely.  No time for talk about whatever cancer is eating me alive right now, though.  It’s business time.

-Teaching would be more fun if it weren’t for all the other adults.  I’m sure kids feel the same way about school.

-Fire is only good when used to cook meat or start engines.  Anything else is either for women or Smokey-haters.

-Corey and my tirade of hatred for Brendan Morrison made a game into so much more.  Only I couldn’t scream because I was dying.  Did I mention that?

-I really want to love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Please, convince me why I should look past the persistently sophomoric humor that undergirds this magnificently-constructed work of art.

-Remember kids, the best medication is always beans and pulp.  Any kind of pulp at all, really.  Grapefruit pulp, Lime pulp, Lemon pulp, womanly Orange pulp…it’s all your white cells need to start kicking butt and taking names.   Also, medicine and health insurance.

Also, this picture:d




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