Frontier II

8 11 2008

With the undying hope and the blazing conviction

Even the skeptics fell in with the victims

Of passionate love and unfathomed forgiveness

Truth with the Beautiful for all to witness

Burning and searing what falls in its path

Demanding nothing but sane psychopaths

To wander this land of no regret

One cannot hold onto one’s head

It’s within the releasing that truth can be grasped

For dreamers and skeptics with logic collapsed

The Logical Truths and the Frivolous Fancies

Have been collected through singing and dancing,

Understanding free madness shall anger discourage

As Truth will be found by whomever will forage

Into the forest of fanciful fate

Naught but their delaying shall make them to wait;

As nothing before now has ever impacted

A heart, with the Light, is finitely refracted.




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