Disconcerting Reprieve

14 10 2008

I’ve maintained that street sweeping is a scam for years.  Part of this stems from my hatred of cheap revenue-generating schemes at our expense; the other, bigger, part arises from living in Los Osos for most of my life, where we rarely have sidewalks, let alone street sweeping.  I have gotten one street sweeping ticket in my lifetime, and that came at a terrible time last semester when I was driving my dad’s truck, which decided to blow out a spark plug (a chronic problem for that generation of F-150) as soon as I arrived in LA to use it for moving.  I had totally forgotten about it over the weekend, and woke up Tuesday morning with that feeling you get after watching your friend roll his ankle in your pickup football game Saturday afternoon at the park.

So I was pretty dismayed Monday morning when I was standing in my kitchen, muttering restrained oaths about my proclivity to succumb to the “out of sight, out of mind” adage.  I grabbed my keys and reproachfully jogged myself down the street, around the corner, where I had parked the night before.  I saw the telltale envelope resting upon a dirty red Mustang’s windshield in the space before mine, and finally got a clear view of my car, resting upon its dirty laurels* on a muggy Monday morning.

Covered in a thin layer of neglect and filth, my undisturbed windshield wipers never looked so beautiful.

My only concern is how I will build up whatever store of providential credit I unknowingly expended in these tough economic times.

– –

*Band Name “Dirty Laurels” copyright pending



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