Until you see things through

12 10 2008

Directly after we watched “The Happening” Friday night, a discussion ensued that, for all intents and purposes, went nowhere.  It did, however, bring to my attention a strange phenomenon.

People constantly desire to be in the enlightened minority.

This isn’t perhaps as much of a phenomenon as it is a long-standing trend, but it seems to crop up in every area of life.

People love moaning about how terrible their finances are because of undeserved misfortune, so they understand just how bad things are.

People love liking what is largely detested, simply for the joy of producing a defense for the largely indefensible.

People relish the opportunity to explain why “everyone thinks” something is true when the converse is actually much more sensible.

Now would usually be the time for me to segue into the problems this causes and the sort of radical idealism this mindset encourages, but I’ll be clear (for once) and moan about something trivial:

Cory bought a typewriter a while ago.  This does not affect me at all, but for some reason I find it offensive.  It’s not the fact that typewriters are largely obsolete that bugs me, you see, for I’m perfectly willing to concede their merits when it comes to writing casual-yet-formal letters to landlords;  It’s easier than hooking up your stupid Macbook to a printer and hoping the ink isn’t gone.  The thing is, though, that I’m hyper-sensitive to this sort of neo-retroism (<– MY TERM!) ever since those stupid Vans shoes came back.  I don’t care how cool it is to wear what isn’t cool anymore.  I don’t care how novel it might be to do things in a different way.  I don’t care, because, well:

I judge people.  When I see you walking toward me, I am immediately going to be struck by the way in which you present yourself.  Obviously, you shouldn’t care about that in and of itself.  I’m weird, and I have bad tendencies like this that I need to fix.  Really, I will.  Just help me in the meantime by not broadcasting how much cooler you are by purposefully inconveniencing yourself for the sake of “looks,” whatever that means.

I love you Cory, I really do.  You’re more motivated than I am, and you manage to use that typewriter enough to justify its existence.  I even brag about it now, while carefully prefacing such boasts with a mentioning of your owning it.

So, to wrap up my BMW session:  When I pay less for inorganic foods and wear shoes instead of flip flops on rainy days, I am making a statement of my own.  It may not be noticeable, since a lot of other people do it;  It may not be trendy, since trends usually find their homes in aberration rather than adherence; It will, however, be what I wanted to do because I felt like it.  I will eat an imbalanced dinner and wear old shirts because those rules don’t apply and they never will.

Really, you should be grateful that I’m even wearing pants at all.

That might become some sort of fringe movement soon and we all know what I’ll be forced to do then in order to maintain my unconsciously-obstinate mindset.



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