9 09 2008

Woke up at 5:10 this morning, not totally sure why. Couldn’t get back to sleep, so finally crawled out of bed at like 6:30. Bleah.  I suspect that my body was refusing to relax again since it knew I had to be at a morning Chamber of Commerce meeting/breakfast at 7:30, but still — 5? Really, Mr. Body?

Dressed appropriately/garbed with pure hot, I left the house feeling ready to sleep in my car. Instead, I got to sit at the table which all the city employees chose to bless with their presence. No, thanks, I’d rather not admit that I will be asking you all for a favor in the near future. Let’s just eat. Pass the caffeine, hm?

As if my energy levels weren’t depleted enough, Randall noticed a blood drive going on down the street, which had FREE ICE CREAM. I’ll trade my plasma for milkfat any day of the week, baby. Randall was so excited that he blew his vein (artery?) all over the floor. Good thing I got the reliable nurse. I always seem to get along well with nurses, especially female ones. Maybe they just sense that indefinable quality within me: The quality of being a smarmy mass of pomposity who will submit to the demands of the healthcare professional with a smile and a compliment.

Oh yeah. I really wanted that ice cream.

Tried to overeat at lunch to make up for lost nutrients, but I think I broke the scale in my attempt to tip it. Insert fat jokes here, but be aware — I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years. Specifically, a sort of pentagonal shape. Say pentagonal again without laughing. Now again….again…gotcha.

At teaching land, I got yanked from 4th grade (where I’ll be for the forseeable future) back into 6th today since Kevin apparently didn’t feel the need to get a replacement. Hey, at least I knew two of the kid’s names right off the bat.  Biggest accomplishment? Getting a smile from Jason, who only speaks Korean, when I communicated to him, through pointless English (habit) and gestures, that he only had to do one page of homework instead of two. Oh, the adoration these kids bestow upon their lenient taskmasters…

Dropped Randall off once I got home and went straight over to the city council meeting — was about ready to sleep, but the halls of justice wait for no man. Fortunately, the civic center usually takes its time, so I just got to hear the “under God” in the pledge of allegiance. It’s a good sign, right?

If you’re interested, Sam’s Burger’s was denied a liquor license because of density concerns. Please, try not to scream that loudly in the future. The kids are asleep.

Happened to see Jason and John O. there too. Small world. Especially when you only go across the street, turnsout.

And, how was this day capped?

Colbert. Doyle. Ethier.

It felt so right. Except that I wanted to go to bed at 8. Grandma would be ashamed of me.

Cleaning House

5 09 2008

As far as my organizational skills are considered, I’m a slob. My desk will never, ever stay clean for more than a week, and it takes months before I’m willing to clean it all the way off again. 

I think this is part of my penchant for engineering. I mean, really, how great must I be at designing after constantly having to utilize smaller and smaller amounts of space for more and more things? I’m pretty sure that a certain Frank Lloyd Wright don’t gots nuttin’ on mes. 


See? Nothing.

See? Nothing.

The Optimist Rains

3 09 2008

Even over the weekend, I’ve noticed my disposition maintaining a level of positivity that, even a few months ago, would have seemed foreign and repugnant. 

Oh, don’t worry, I’m still a sarcastic and biting son of a gun, but I know something you don’t know, and it’s really been keeping me aloft pretty regularly over the last little while. 

I suppose now would be a good time to dwell upon the peaks and troughs of life, but I’d much prefer to continue immersing myself in the first real patch of unadulterated bliss since my high school days. 

Writing makes me happy. Not here, so much, but in general. Being able to categorize myself as such, and receiving little (trivial, even) affirmations on a regular basis has done a lot to solidify my notions about who I am.

And, I know something you don’t know.


Hey, have a little Chesterton for now. This quote had me at “hello.”

Yet He restrained something. I say it with reverence; there was in that shattering personality a thread that must be called shyness. There was something that He hid from all men when He went up a mountain to pray. There was something that He covered constantly by abrupt silence or impetuous isolation.

There was some one thing that was too great for God to show us when He walked upon our earth; and I have sometimes fancied that it was His mirth.

Traversing and Conversing

2 09 2008


I finally did something over Labor Day weekend that enabled me to answer related inquires to a much more satisfactory degree. 


Specifically, I went on another backpacking trip and climbed another mountain. 


Photo taken from 11,000 feet.

Photo taken from 11,000 feet.


I’ll be honest: I didn’t exactly shine. At 13,891 feet, Mount Agassiz doesn’t exactly welcome you to its summit. The weekend also greeted us with winds that various travelers described in the 40-50 mph range. Combine that with the cold front and the elevation, and you have yourself a veritably miserable experience. My throat still faintly cringes when I breathe deeply, reminding the rest of my aching body how hard I pushed it over the weekend. As I was trailing everyone on the way down the mountain, my ragged breathing pained my pride as much as it did my heart. (my real heart, not my <B heart. Is that even an accepted emoticon?) I had done a bit of extra work to prepare myself for the weekend, but I realized even before I made it to the top just how inadequate my conditioning was for long hikes over 2.5 miles above the sea. 

I felt better after Daniel threw up, though. Even more so after Thatcher dry-heaved during the night. That was after I pleaded with him not to leave the tent in the middle of the night because I was convinced that an animal was waiting for him outside. The wind was bad.

Pictures are somewhere, sometime. Stories are many. For instance, we spent much of Saturday (after waking up at 3 a.m.) walking around Lone Pine while Thatcher’s oil pan got patched. Mount Tyndall (or Williamson or something else) really didn’t want us to come. So, we instead got to camp (free of charge) at a nice site near the trailhead to Bishop Pass while the nearby families welcomed us to their yearly gathering with loads of food and conversation before we settled in for the night. Until I got woken up by the aforementioned wind wrapping the side of the tent completely around my sleeping bag. 

I’ll give each traveler a sentence of praise, for posterity’s sake.

Kerry, who withstood the weekend with more fortitude and grace than perhaps any of us, drove the car home after Thatcher, Daniel and I all pled weakness and fatigue

Laura, who was on her third serious hike in as many weeks, happily cooked dinner for all of us Sunday night, as Daniel and Thatcher could do nothing but lie down while I stumbled around (literally) in a haze of dehydrated sickness.

Daniel’s encouragement and sympathy, despite our mutual incapacitation, helped me get down the mountain despite ailing lungs and weakening will, while his example inspired me to do likewise and get a huge ice cream cone on the way home. 

Thatcher led us all where we needed to go and kept a surprisingly cheerful temperament in spite of his sickness that inspired all of us to get a lot farther than we ever would have gotten ourselves.

Robert didn’t really sleep at all for three nights in a row, but successfully annoyed Daniel during the trip home by covertly swatting his head with the sun visor for over half an hour. 

Dulce Domum indeed.