One week to go

21 09 2008

I spoke to everyone imaginable at the La Mirada Olive Festival this weekend, and I was impressed by the fact that the most enjoyable conversation of all was with Councilman Pete Dames, who was more than willing to bring me up to date on everything I could have ever wanted to know about La Mirada. Apparently Beatitudes Church was having their carnival, which really took a lot of the crowd away from the smorgasbord that was the food tent; the boss gave me a punch card to “sample” the food when I arrived to cover the event, which translated into more food than I could ever have wanted after using only 20% of my food credits. There was food there.

Anyway, I quickly recalled how much I do enjoy talking to people after getting over the hump (the first interview is always the toughest — you haven’t really gotten a “feel” for the event in some cases, and what they want to say may not line up with what you’re asking) and striking up a few fun conversations. I talked about classic cars, the economy, local bands, the hardships of owning a business right now and why most of the businesses there were stupid. 

It was fun.

However, it would have been a lot more fun if I hadn’t been sick. I donned my standard outdoors disguise for interviewing, but I suspect that my pallor still radiated noticeably in the midst of the waning summer heat. Not that anyone specifically minded, you understand, but still — feeling less than 100% always leaves me wondering if I really performed my duties to the best of my abilities. 

Thankfully, I really like to talk about cars. That helped a lot. 


At the end of the day, though, I really couldn’t put it any better than Dick Gard the Retired Aluminum Shop Owner did:

“I mostly babysit my grandkids now.”


(My throat is scratchy now. Go away.)



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