15 08 2008

I used to dream rarely; I can remember a handful of dreams (usually recurring) throughout my life, but they usually came sporadically.

Lately, though, I’ve been fairly well plagued by a few persistent images on a nightly basis. I don’t fall into that category of people who believe dreams always mean something important — a lot of the subject matter of my earlier dreams is a great testament to this, in fact. Whatever the cause for them, though, I could really do without them. At first I thought that I’ve just been waking up a lot closer to my REM cycle than usual; but it hasn’t really mattered when I wake. Weekends, travel days and even really short three hour nights have all held the common thread of this dream. Realize this, though: the fact that I can remember it every time disturbs me a lot more than the dream itself.

Maybe I should just eat a ton of pizza and Nyquil on the same night. Couldn’t make it any worse.



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