10 08 2008

Celery Stalks

Hounding my taste buds

Interment of my healthy appetite

Assuages anxiety


Vague recollections fade into their respective compartments of remembrance.

For vague they have become, and lacking in utility. Nonetheless, they still reside here within my veins, struggling to break free far less frequently than they once did. What was once sharp now sits dull and nonthreatening, imploring me to take it up, to discern its nature for the thousandth time despite my all-too-clear knowledge of its dangers and uselessness. Indeed, uselessness is the greatest danger of the lot, as my taking hold of such a thing would sear the same sensory impulses that draw me to it beyond repair.

Even now, I doubt that my senses are what they once were. Have I willfully abandoned what was instilled within me? Perhaps the capital has been spent on the most faulty investment of all — reckless enjoyment. To be sure, there are those who would use the enjoyment as the only necessary excuse for the spending, but such is not my inclination. I see my spree as one of forgetful youth, oriented at justifying its actions through the mere execution of them; execution of something, certainly, has taken place. My only fear is that I know all too well what I have ordered, and that the orders have been carried out more swiftly and with more dire attention to detail than I would have imagined.


A little farther down the road

I happen on the wisdom lode

Mother of the sweetest joys

It sits abandoned by the boys

All of them went off to play

Hastened off to spend the day

To spend the hours, waste the time

Chasing skirts of every kind

Wisdom knows its beauty

Ostensibly, we too.




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