Sales Calls Require Ignorance

25 07 2008

More specifically, willful ignorance of the lies you are so frequently told.

“Oh, we’re not interested in that today.”

“All right; could I show you the media kit?

“Well, ok.”

*actual sales presentation*

“Well, I think I’d like to go with the 1/2 size for now.”

“Great. Here’s the contact info; we’ll be in touch.

See, it’s just accepted that everyone will initially react to an offer in the negative. Whether it’s a pride thing or merely a business reflex, people are always resistant to the idea that someone else might have something that they need or want. Self-sufficiency is god to them. (ironically, it is what I am trying to acheive through my end of the act as well.)

So, all one has to do is pretend not to hear the initial denials and just keep on going. It’s like ignoring the mocking death threats of your enemy as you prepare to duel to the death.

And, much like a duel, ether helps too. (Go for the DEBIT cards. Those AmEx things are fool’s gold!”)



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