Someone Has to Pay

24 07 2008

So I’ve been using the last couple of days to finish my summer ritual of catching up on the latest season of House.

After spending the last ten minutes searching every corner of the web for the 17th episode of this season, I finally realized why I couldn’t find it:

Who knew THAT was gonna bite me in the butt?

If SAG doesn’t shape  up, I’ll be forced to take action — and I don’t think you folks will like me when I’m angry.



2 responses

25 07 2008

I watch TV for news, education, sports, and random shows. I have sympathy for the writers, they get the short end of the stick when it comes to being treated as a equals in the TV and Film industry. They are the creators but seem like slaves for Corporations to use because they have the monopoly and actors act what is written like a drone. Writers deserve there security.

25 07 2008

They can have their security; just give me my mindless entertainment in return.

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