Writing Crop

11 07 2008

I’ve submitted more samples than I care to think about lately. Some poetry, some humorous prose and some academic drivel. Hopefully the first two keep them (whoever “they” are) off balance enough to make the serious stuff sound intelligent. It’s gotten me this far. (or was that $100,000 that did that?)

I took a (not “the”) Myers-Briggs test for the first time ever yesterday. I quickly realized that I was only answering the questions based upon my presumptions of what area of my personality the question what trying to judge. In other words:

“Do you feel more energized after spending time with people or after spending time alone?”

See, I’m not a psychologist, but that’s probably weighting the I/E bar one way or the other. I coudn’t really decide how to answer this, much less honestly, since I couldn’t decide if I would rather be described as an introvert or an extravert. Neither seems very complimentary to me. Take THAT, stupid test. (don’t take it, I mean. The test should take “that” but you, the faithful reader, should not take the test. At least, not the one I took. Take a better one so that you can know who you really are inside and so that you can better lie during interviews.)

Why are kids such terrible people now? I remember my peers and I being distinctly cool cats (that was a hip thing to say back then) in the estimation of both old and young during my childhood, but now it seems as if you can’t turn a corner without running into some baggily-dressed (band name!) neighborhood “tough” with his hat tilted back to reveal his oh-so-sardonic smirk. I tell you, the kids, they’re a-goin’ down the tubes these days! Even cartoons have become totally worthless.


Um, excuse me. I have to go watch Plunder and Lightning.




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