Pandora knows me

30 07 2008

So, I plugged in Five for Fighting, and four songs later, what do I get?

Kiss Me, by Sixpence.

Sounds like Pandora has been listening to the world’s most popular radio show ever.

I can has cheezburger?

28 07 2008

Facebook continued to creep me out today when I received this notification:

“Bob has sent you a double double. Click here to see it!

Probably best not to think about what that might actually mean.

SOTD: Song for a Friend, Jason Mraz

Sales Calls Require Ignorance

25 07 2008

More specifically, willful ignorance of the lies you are so frequently told.

“Oh, we’re not interested in that today.”

“All right; could I show you the media kit?

“Well, ok.”

*actual sales presentation*

“Well, I think I’d like to go with the 1/2 size for now.”

“Great. Here’s the contact info; we’ll be in touch.

See, it’s just accepted that everyone will initially react to an offer in the negative. Whether it’s a pride thing or merely a business reflex, people are always resistant to the idea that someone else might have something that they need or want. Self-sufficiency is god to them. (ironically, it is what I am trying to acheive through my end of the act as well.)

So, all one has to do is pretend not to hear the initial denials and just keep on going. It’s like ignoring the mocking death threats of your enemy as you prepare to duel to the death.

And, much like a duel, ether helps too. (Go for the DEBIT cards. Those AmEx things are fool’s gold!”)

Someone Has to Pay

24 07 2008

So I’ve been using the last couple of days to finish my summer ritual of catching up on the latest season of House.

After spending the last ten minutes searching every corner of the web for the 17th episode of this season, I finally realized why I couldn’t find it:

Who knew THAT was gonna bite me in the butt?

If SAG doesn’t shape¬† up, I’ll be forced to take action — and I don’t think you folks will like me when I’m angry.

Man of My Word

24 07 2008

A note on the poetry

21 07 2008

Just to clear it up —

I don’t have a blog to display my best writing, my best thoughts, or my best work. In short, I don’t have this blog for anyone else to read; I have it for me. I enjoy spouting off about issues and inanity, but I couldn’t care less whether someone reads it or not. To put it bluntly, I think the only people I really “want” to read this blog are complete strangers. Somehow, the thought of someone blindly stumbling upon the muddled and confused writings you see here intrigues me. Analyze that if you will, but please, refrain from asking me “what does that poem mean?” While I am keenly aware of the distaste some people have for overly-ambiguous poetry, I think that a moderate amount of ambiguity is both a safeguard for the writer and a challenge to the reader.

(In other words, mind your own . business, and y’all come visit again real soon now, y’hear?)

One of the seven dwarves

It’s almost out of my system

18 07 2008

I read an article in Time last week that really got my ire up. Rant to follow later.

– – –

Don’t trade my love for sympathy

When all I ask is what you need

Relishing the present times

Calls for adolescent kinds

To cast their wants and fears away

Saving nothing from today

Now will never leave us behind

If we relinquish and succumb to the blind

Following sightless increases the faith

But whoever claimed that the lion was safe?

Danger cannot be approached without candor

To call it a “risk” would be marginal slander

Here is where humanity intersects

There is where profanity still expects

Waiting for shallow desires to win

Contemplating fallen man and his kin

Evil never ceases to draw man to her

But only the wise will true danger incur