Shall it be called,

28 06 2008

In the evening’s fading glow, life appears to make me whole,

As the leaves disintegrate, gone are hatred and disgrace,

Without mourning comes my night, starry curtains stay my fright,

Here lies no regret or pain; here lies no hate or disdain,

Save my self-loathing, I live; free of boundaries now I give.

Loosing peace upon the lost, killing death despite the cost,

She relieved me once for all, no last beckoning or call,

He inspired ignorance, safe from knowledge and romance,

Sheltered deep within the field, ever running, Ever kneeled,

What are mysteries to me? Merely specters, friends indeed,

Once ignored, they are embraced, bringing salve for flesh displaced,

Broken dreams and humbled hearts compose my victorious parts,

For life commands us all to grow first to si and last to know.

– – –

Song of the Night: For the Beauty of the Earth



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