Providence, Roads, Islands

22 06 2008

I had a conversation with a friend tonight about why people hurt each other. (Incidentally, it was an extremely helpful conversation for both of us.)

To apprise you of what we spoke about:

-How often the hard thing is the right thing.

-How being a man often means going forward without understanding or being in control of our situation.

-Loneliness, and its dangers and opportunities/When to be sociable and when to seek comfort and repose.

-How eternally formulaic people can be.

Some days, you just need to get away from it all, y’know? And then there are those times when the presence of one person can be exactly what you need.

– – –

What crimes have you committed, demanding such penace?

Couldn’t wait for five more minutes, and a cry for help,

Because this room is so peaceful and this room is so quiet,

And I hate the silence,

I hate the silence.




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