David Brent and the Dodgers

10 05 2008

My life has become more of a diorama than a drama lately. Exemplifying this fact was my watching of the original The Office with Ricky Gervais this afternoon. The whole office is in a customer service meeting when Gervais’ character, David, goes off about his time in a rock band named Foregone Conclusion. To make a long story short, David eventually winds up playing his entire repertoire in a pretentious (hey, that’s the name of the show!) display of self-congratulation.

However, the song “Free Love Freeway” has become stuck in my head for quite a while now, and I only just today downloaded the actual song. Please let me share some of its lyrical lasciviousness with you.

Pretty girl on the hood of a Cadillac, yeah,

Broken down on Freeway 9

I take a look and get her engine started

Leave her purrin’, and I roll on by

Free love on the Free Love Freeway, the love is free and the freeway’s long

I got some hot love on the hot love highway, going home ’cause my baby’s gone

she’s gone

Down a road, I see a cowboy crying

I say hey buddy, what can I do?

He said “I’ve lived a good life, had about a thousand women”

I said “Why the tears?” he said “cause none of them was you.”

– – –

Nick and I watched the Dodgers lose to the Astros tonight, but never have I enjoyed a baseball game apart from the competition on the field more. We heckled, commiserated, laughed and sang our hearts out for 7 innings (Friday traffic kept us out until the top of 3).

Frienship is cool that way, I guess.




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